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My site is back

Tuesday 28th May 2013

Firstly I'd like to thank genis-x for hosting my site for so long. It was beyond awesome having my site connected to a fibre channel in Richmond Victoria but I've decided to move on and get my own hosting. I've gone with justhost.com and now my site seems to be hosted in Provo Utah. I'm loving the new environment, I would have prefered a cavity search than what I had to go through to get SSH access but now that I have it I'm loving it.

I just noticed this is my first post here in nearly five years but based on my activity of late it looks as though I'll be a lot more active on my web site. From what I can tell I've been working on the internet for roughly eighteen years now and these days I tend to work mostly on back end technology and business modelling and as a result I'm loving the nostalgia of tinkering with this site.