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Ruff's Adventures

This is the blog of one of my many lovely Aunty's, Wendy

Ruffs Adventures

Walking in our area
Monday 22nd of May 2017 07:06:00 PM

Back again and this time doing the walking around our area......I have lived in this town for more than 8 years and we had never been to this reserve

keeping plenty of trees and plants growing here

and good walking path 

looking over to the lake where birds enjoy year round 

Enjoy the read of the signs I photoed.....Paul actually worked at this hospital many years ago   

huge tree which has been recently trimmed 

some of those eastern water hens I like to call Pukeko as they look the same ☺

crossing the Gully 

Looking into the history signed area 

Aboriginal clan 

The steam trains relied on the water from the reservoir to be able to run back to Melbourne 

Some of these signs are a bit hard to read but I did my best and more for us to learn more of the history in our area 

In 1990 322 residence petitioned the city council to preserve this reserve as a natural park 

looking back over the lake 

many more new plants 

walking back on the other side and it was a lovely day for a walk 

more birds 

if you can't read the last sign this is a cast iron valve which was used to siphon water for the steam train.....there were many under/in/on and linked by a pipe and sent down hill to the station.....no wonder I love this town and steam β™₯β™₯

a bird hide where you can look through the windows quietly 

back across another bridge 

plenty of happy Pukeko's 
A good walk on a nice day and will go back again as only covered about half of this place.........

and yesterday on our usual walk to the post office thought it is a while since I shared pics of this short walk down the hill and along this path......where the trees are all losing their leaves and changing colours

past the local swimming pool which is only open in the summer months ☺

and that cafe we often have coffee at has a wonderful mural wall

and back to crocheting last night with Dr Who lol 
well that is it for now xoxoxo

Full moon, family time and STEAM
Saturday 20th of May 2017 07:38:00 PM

Hello out there.......roughly 11 days ago I saw this rising over our neighbors house and you know I love a full moon πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ 

and have been doing very little of sock knitting but admiring the stripey colours.....these are for ME 

on we go enjoying "Great British rail journeys" with sock knitting a little lol 

On Friday 12th my sis Julie and Carl came for the night......hello Jule lol xoxo 😈😈

on the Saturday 13th can you guess what we were waiting for here......lol 

a selfie on the footbridge ☺

can you see something?

a headlight and is that steam 


A2 986 Steaming Again After 52 Years! Steam Trains Australia

We went to my local station to have a closer look 

sitting next to the Velocity train 100 years apart in age β™₯β™₯

and as luck would have it the older Diesel came through.......

youtube showing the first time it moved for any other train crazy people out there lol 

and later that day it left my station to return to Warragul where they had been celebrating all day β™₯

getting closer 


look I even got the firebox in this snap and the driver too ☺☺
TOOT TOOT goodbye......and my sis and hubby headed back home after having a fun time with me....Paul was back at home as he is a bit over steam lol 

now I am hooking up a blanket for someone in very bright colours watching "law and order special vicitims unit"

just love doing the simple granny crochet β™₯

and last Sunday was Mothers day so on the train we went to catch up with my kiddos and some grandies too 

April watching some fun show 

and my boy Rex meeting Mr Cooper ☺β™₯ this son is now back living near us all so happy β™₯

me April and Aunty Sarah and would you believe that is all the pics I took.....busy doing other stuff lol 

I got this fancy skull 

and the following day Monday these flowers came from Jason and Jess β™₯β™₯

we stayed 2 nights in the city and watched Master Chef and I knitted a little with Woody lol 

April did that lovely star artwork for me so it is now going to sit here in the apartment ☺☺

Tuesday 16th we trained it back and now both being seniors the travel is a lot cheaper πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

and the flowers travelled back on the train with me ☺

lovely country views along the way and faster than the cars lol 

now in 2 vases here for me to enjoy and almost a week old and still looking lovely β™₯

back home and hooking and again watching those rail journeys a week later lol 
Today is Sunday 21st May and do hope you all out there are having a great weekend

Busy days and nights ☺ β™₯
Wednesday 10th of May 2017 07:40:00 PM

Hello again......seem to just be doing weekly blogs which is aok by me ☺ You can see Paul here deconstructing the old spa

it has sat in the back yard for many years and we decided to get rid of it...

just the slab left and will have to think if we will put anything there instead ☺

I am moving on with some reading, coffee drinking and a little bit of knitting for me 

finished this scrappy crochet scarf 

the other night (Friday) we decided to go out for tea at the bowls club and I put on a scarf and my beaded headband which I crocheted years ago.....rocking the old lady look lol 

and this guy came and found us.....Brenton Paul's middle kiddo ☺

I also have crocheted over some hair ties for some little girls I know β™₯ which I gave to my cousin when she visited ☺

we have also been busy checking out long lost mini video tapes which have my oldest Grandboys on and it is fun looking back 

this guy is now 18 β™₯

and this one almost 16.......we also have much loved ones of my Mum, Dad and youngest brother Andy no longer with us......so very special ☺

and my cousin Lisa came for the night on Saturday and my girl Sarah came to.....girl love and mega chatting ☺

Paul giving some advice lol 

love this pic even if a bit blurry.....

and Paul is a little sad coz his girl Missy (Julia) has gone to a new job in a far far away to Darwin in the northern territory  but he is happy for her ☺

and Sarah left on Sunday and I gave her that scrappy scarf ☺☺

back to knitting and watching great continental train journeys.....you know how much I love trains lol 

and yesterday (Wednesday) we drove down to mind/help with this gorgeous batgirl April 

and she had lots of fun playing and me reading some books and 

of course she was very happy Woody came too ☺☺

and Mr Cooper who is now 3mths and so sweet too 

on the bouncer with the star blanket I crochet for him β™₯β™₯

April enjoyed her lunch ☺

and Cooper smiled at me a lot ☺

and this girl sure was glad to see Paul and him thrown the ball for her HEAPS lol 

I even bravely went on my own for a walk with them ☺☺

serious selfie of Coop lol 
now back home again and chilling a bit with more video sorting
Cool weather and keeping warm xoxoxo

Another catchup post
Tuesday 02nd of May 2017 07:33:00 PM

Hello out there, been a few weeks since I posted.....whoops....this is a label I have for wrapping around something that I made for my older sister for her bday......need to see her sometime ☺

watched a great railway journey show which featured "the flying Scotsman" which we were lucky to see last year when we were in the UK......going again this year and wonder where it will be this time β™₯

when we caught up with Pauls boy and wife and I gave them this blanket that I crocheted for them.....they were very happy with it ☺☺and sent me this pic β™₯

we have had a few trees trimmed!!! lol more than a trim but they grow back and need hacking back every couple of years.....birds not happy 

in the back garden......last weekend (22nd may) we headed back to our city joint as were going to a concert ☺

Kasey Chambers Kasey_Chambers info......waiting for the music to start....

I even wore my new ankle boots lol  I have been a big fan of Kaseys for ever and love her country music style with plenty of upbeat happening too 

best I could get with my mobile as it did not like the bright lights lol 


but got to share this pic taken by someone else.....her Dad Bill is on the far left...good night it was 

and on the Sunday I had my dearest best friends 60th.....a drinks, canapes and music evening 

they had caterers cooking and serving some delish food.....her hubby Mark is in the black shirt 

and here is Melanie chatting with another friend β™₯β™₯

her brother in the middle came and I have also known him all my life ☺

it was great under this gazebo....and Melanie's son Rory is in the white shirt 

great happy gathering and we sure had plenty of chatting happening all over the place 

the best I could get when she made her little speech of thanks β™₯β™₯

chatting with her bro 

and us.....friends since 1957

a hug goodbye and thanks for an awesome night 

I think Paul had taken enough snaps lol  we caught a bus/train/tram back to the city 

on Monday we decided to go to the IMAX about_imax  and watch on the massive screen a 3D movie with David Attenborough on the London museum....it was fantastic.....

and Tuesday back on the train home we go.....in the last carriage 

and we faced backwards β™₯

and it rained along the way.....2hr journey

and look can see the tracks whizzing along......I was happy lol 

now back home and relaxing with Midsomer murders 

catching up on some crochet/knitting/sewing and of course washing clothes lol
see you again soon  

Minding April ☺☺☺
Wednesday 19th of April 2017 05:00:00 PM

Hello again.......April came to stay with us for a night at city β™₯ she is walking now and was happily exploring around 

she loves the fake grass carpet on our little balcony 

and she loves watching all the cars/trams go by and seeing many seagulls flying ☺

after her lunch we took her for a walk to a nearby park with Woody of course, she really likes his company lol 

she had a great time walking on the grass 

and Grandpa pushed here through this tunnel  

out to the light....she loved it 

she loves playing with this bee which I gave to my Mum but now have it myself.....

Hope this works as don't know what I am doing lol
April having fun with my crochet/knit bag 

we also of course had another walk out in the city and this time  

she was very happy with a beanie I have made for her to wear when with us in the city and she loves the little crochet blanket too 

and got to go on 2 tram rides 

she was not so keen on others chatting to her lol 

and there goes our last tram down the hill.....we then got in the car to take her home for her afternoon nap......of course she fell asleep straight away but luckily I managed to get her into the house and in her cot and she fell back to sleep ☺β™₯

I hung some clothes to help out and it sure was a lovely sunny day 

and Paul had fun giving Trixie some exercise with ball throwing lol 

we then drove back home and I noticed Paul held belted Woody in the car seat lol lol 
home again but not for long as have a dear friends 60th Nibbles and drinks on Sunday so yes back to the city we go lol lol  
Sometimes I forget where I am in the middle of the night.....good way to keep brain active ☺☺
Well that is my catchup all done xoxoxo

Grandbabies and family time
Wednesday 19th of April 2017 12:01:00 AM

We look who we have here........lovely April and baby bro Cooper....yes we were back out and about and I was staying here a few hours while Mummy could have a daughter time with April out and about ☺

got to love this little guys face β™₯

and of course this little sweety just before they went out β™₯

Grandpa and Cooper.....Paul has worn this same shirt with April when her born and Riley when him born lol 

my special time with Mr Cooper β™₯

I left their home after they were back and walked to the station to catch a train to the city....not this one though as this is vline and that is what we catch when going back to our country home so does not stop here lol 

this is the train I caught and spent a night at the city pad again ☺

the following day we decided to catch a tram to st kilda more details here if interested

we had a great walk around and on a different tram back we past Luna Park.....this place has been open since 1913 and even my dear Mum and Dad had a pic taken while they were dating.....fun park it sure is lol 

and the Palais theatre it opened in 1927 and I have been to many a show or concert here.....even saw Alice Cooper here β™₯β™₯

on the tram enjoying the view lol 

St kilda beach which is one of Melbourne's most famous beaches 

fun selfie as you do 

and back on the road home again.....hate traffic lol 

a restful evening again at home 

and would you believe after 2 nights home we then were heading back to city pad and called in on my bro Robbie and lovely Lynn....had not seen them since before xmas so was real good to catchup with them β™₯β™₯

that night we went to one of our favourite restaurants Docklands Lotus (we now have 3 faves) Paul had Cantonese beef hotplate 

and I had seafood combination......lots of good vegies here ☺

and later caught up on some crocheting.....

on Easter Sunday we caught the vline train to Ballarat  visitballarat where Paul's boy lives with his lovely wife 

we caught up with them for a good lunch for all of our birthdays β™₯β™₯ no pics taken to busy chatting and Jess's mum also joined us lots of fun.....all looking at some kernels being dropped from the tree by some bird who did not want to be seen lol 

back on the train to city pad again enjoying views 

a really nice trip we had and back to stay in city for the next few nights......
be back again very soon xoxo

Blog catchup
Tuesday 18th of April 2017 11:36:00 PM

Gee it has been 2 weeks since I last posted.....been a little busy here and there. We bought a new Woody and what a difference....the older ones fingers are separated....his whole body is better made and his head is much smaller than the new boof head lol Going to keep him and give to April/Cooper when they are older ☺

and look......even google new I had a birthday on 7th 

that day we headed down to stay at my sisters for the night and Carl her hubby drove us to their local pub for tea β™₯

Woody lay around on the table lol 

a little pic Carl took for me 

Carl lighting my cake back at their home.....on low carb so they got a wheel of brie cheese and decorated with sliced olives β™₯β™₯ 

and boy those number 60 sparkles sure were neat....thank you so much Jule and Carl 

said goodbye to their cat Jill as we were leaving 

and same to Jack who was in a box lol lol 

we then were back in the city place for the night and following morning the weather was sure looking crazy 

thank goodness most of it blew away 

and while here the steam trains were running and of course I was very happy about that ☺☺

My girl came to have a birthday lunch with us and grandboy Brandon who you know recently turned 18 β™₯

back home we went and Missy came to visit for the night 

and Brenton came just for a nice visit 

and Paul enjoyed a relaxing evening ☺

next day I had a good hair trim 

and as you can see Paul had a major trim lol 

 Paul put our bikes on the car to take to our city pad so we can do a bit of bike riding while we are there.......
Well will be back for more catchup posting ☺☺

Catching up all round
Monday 03rd of April 2017 05:51:00 PM

Hello.....here I am with my dear friend Jill...we met many years ago while working for a bank and have kept in touch every since....even though last catch up was probably 4yrs ago lol 

and yes little April I minded/played with and also helped with Cooper but no pics of him 

she was trying to oink at this lego pig 

she loved that I brought Woody along 

we went for a walk 

and she loved hugging Woody on the swing and I had fun enjoying her too 😊

we planned a short trip in our Winnie to catch up with friends and family too 

all hitched up and on the road 

selfie as you do on the road lol 

Woody was happy to hang out with Miss Hap and Jack 

beautiful weather and we enjoyed the free night here at St Arnaud 

which as luck had it a sports club so we had  a great meal with our van friends 

that is their van 

and here is Paul with Lyndsay and Gayle 

shadow pics as I like 

back on the road in the sunshine 

very straight road and certainly very dry grass 

parked at a golf club called Rich River and as long as member $18 for 3 years can stop here anytime you like of course that does not mean you can play golf lol 

there was a big 5th wheeler here too 

car park of the club 

Golf club entrance 

so of course we ate tea here πŸ˜‰

lovely sun setting 

on we went with Woody, this time to catch up with one of my sisters 

there is Jule and hubby Carl 

our shadows as we walked to the local pub 

Paul checking the menu and Carl chatting with local friends πŸ˜€

Woody relaxing after a wine lol 
a good time we had and plenty of walking

up and off again

this time driving over Mt Hotham info here 

very steep and getting colder as we went up 

we stopped up here for lunch and you can just see it is 11 celcius 😊

and our nibble lunch we made....easy and tasty 

looking back down one of the ski areas.....no snow at moment but it will come soonl 

we drove on to another free camp spot and a rabbit kept appearing but never close enough to snap 

we called in our local van fixer man for some things and just check this boat out.....massive lol 

and I arrived back to this card in the post.....I am turning 60 so wanted to make sure I had my card ready for cheap trains/coffee/food etc etc lol 
well of course back home now washing plenty of clothes bedding and cleaning Winnie ready for another time πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Busy days and a wedding
Monday 27th of March 2017 06:34:00 PM

Yes Woody has something to tell you.....in August he is going to Edinburgh Tattoo!! Just a bit excited lol 

and throwing in this bus tour before Edinburgh..... Budapest around to Vienna yay

and on Friday I had the fun of minding Mr Cooper πŸ’™

so sweet 

Granny and Mr Cooper selfie πŸ‘€

and Saturday we drove to Ballarat for the man's oldest son's wedding  πŸ˜ƒ

Quite a few of the family booked in at a nearby motel 

it was held in some lovely botanical gardens.....and just look at this lovely old pine 

wonder how old it is.....looks amazing 

my girl and her man looking good 

my man πŸ˜‰

my middle boy 

my oldest boy with Sarah 

Frank Sarah Rex.....my youngest boy who has those cute little grandies was unable to come 😞

Frank Me

Frank Mum Rex 

Frank Sarah Mum Rex 

Frank Sarah Shannon Me Rex.....so good getting all these pictures πŸ’œ

me and him 

uh oh photo bombing lol 

yes Missy Julia 

Wendy Julia Paul Brenton

Jason the soon to be married with the celebrant 

no pictures taken of course during ceremony.....so all these are after and can tell you it was a lovely time had by us all with so much love shown between these two πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’—

They were married under this tree area

many close friends and family all congratulating them 

after the photo shoot......gorgeous purple dress

standing is youngest boy Brenton and sitting starting from left...Jason, his Grandma, his Mum with neat purple stripes through her hair 

and here is a better pic of Jess the bride with her gorgeous Mum

after the ceremony Shrek (who belongs to Missy) and Woody decided they would join us at the reception lol 

the wedding cake.....these guys were enjoying πŸ˜€

lots of little dinosaur donuts in 4 flavours.....what a great idea and easy to cut lol 

a monster was there to accept any good wishes and donations πŸ˜‰

Paul putting our card in 

happy purple monster 

Shannon, Rex, Frank.....and I loved the purple feathers on the tables 

the menu 

Its an inside joke to those who know Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy lol 

dungeon and dragon dice and minions thanking us lol 

Julia, Sarah chatting to Grandma and Mum 

Brenton looking good among the feathers lol 

wedding selfie 

enjoying a drink lol 

Purple everywhere.....

oh yeah Woody had fun lol 

my soup 

Paul's beef Thai salad gone lol 

Jess's Mum doing her speech 

Paul doing his speech.....almost made some of us cry.....

the lovely couple taking their first dance 

and me and Sarah of course, we love dancing lol 

and yes we may have ended up with feathers in our hair lol 

and Woody up dancing with me down the front of my dress lol 
Fabulous night and we also had a wonderful visit/lunch with the happy couple the next day before driving back to the city....

before we left we had a little walk around Ballarat and look.....there is Robbie Burns......we saw him while in Dunedin in New Zealand but no dog lol

Ballarat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballarat  info of course.....this place is late 1800's so many magnificent old buildings 

back in the city and yesterday the weather changed from hot and steamy to steamy and wet lol 

made our walk a bit quicker and caught the tram back.....
today is Tuesday and going to meet up with a friend here and tomorrow off to do some Granny duties before catching the train back home 😏😏

Grandboy 18 and a friend 70
Monday 20th of March 2017 04:54:00 PM

Hello, yes we came back home and then on Saturday back to city area for a special 18th....crazy traffic, this is called the Monash carpark coz it is so slow....

Woody was keen to see the 18 year old 

and there he is.....my first born grandson Brandon with his Mum Sarah next to him and Shannon in the right of background all checking menus 

Ray arrived with little April all ready for a fun lunch 

she was very happy that Woody came too lol 

Paul having a quiet moment πŸ˜‰

Frank arrived with Misty and Riley who is still a bit shy...and Batty at the front on the right Brandon's brother 

and Master Cooper arrived in "that outfit" with his Mummy...Sarah snapped him up quick lol 

such a cute baby and none of us are biased lol 

he even had a little smile for me πŸ˜‡

and chilled with Granny for a while 

everyone had a great lunch.....we were at a place called Hog's Breath 

Lauren and Ray enjoying their food and drink with kiddies 

didn't manage a good snap of Riley lol 

Misty entertained April

and the Hog guys came out singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON.....lol lol 

singing away and plenty of sparklers on the yummy pav......and yes I did have some 

Nice smiling pic of my older grandboys.....

ah ha a better pic of Riley and sister Misty πŸ’—

and Sarah serving up the pav.....we had such a lovely time with all of my grandies together which meant all cousins together....but one missing person was my son Rex who lives far far away.......but goood news HE IS MOVING BACK πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

we then headed to our city place and had a meal at our favourite Thai place....

just a small place but has lots of tables outside and was packed before I took this snap of Paul paying the bill

Woody was exhausted and just could not get out of my bag.....

next day we had a 70th lunch to attend and Woody was happy the weather was great....

lots of family and friends gathering together for a special man 

the man of the moment John turning 70.....we first met him when we joined a van club (no longer members) and plan to have many more catch-ups....he and Val (his wife) visited us in the city for a day πŸ˜„

another shot of all enjoying the warm day 

and Woody managed to end up with a bottle top from a stubby.....he liked the little horses on it lol 

and just look at this cake made by one of the dear friends.....awesome 

even had flashing headlights!! 

just look at this lolly selection.....they have many grandchildren all who were there and fun seeing them all together enjoying celebrating with Poppy 

John and Val cutting the cake.....
Thanks so much for having us at your family/friend occasion πŸ’–
Well now back to be homing again catching up on stuff....

Goodbye NZ hello new grandbaby
Wednesday 15th of March 2017 06:56:00 PM

Now back home but this snap was while staying in Auckland at a motel and rain it did lol 

and very heavy on the day we decided to go in to the city of Auckland 

thought we would check out the wharf 

and one massive ship was in......

and another much smaller but still BIG lol 

we had this neat tissue box that was in Dad's car that we were still using.....and the car has now been bought by a dealer.....

our nz friends John and Leone 

selfie group pic πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

our last night in nz we went to this place for tea 

amazing decorations 

still walking through to the restaurant area 

in part of the restaurant.....very neat and had a wonderful meal here and forgot to take pics as reckon I was hungry lol 

and on Tuesday we were flying back home and Woody was keen as usual 


and it involved a bus out on the tarmac to meet our plane lol 

Woody ready for flight.....no wing view this time 

we were in the middle section.....2 aisle's with 3 3 3 seating 

and we were in this section near the loos....so handy 

I got to watch Adele again with Graham Norton doing interview in between songs....loved this 

and crowded house again too good Aussie concert 

Woody enjoyed too 

Paul reckoned Woody was safe in his pocket for the landing lol 
and now we are back home but on our way back yesterday......

dropped in to see that gorgeous Miss April who had plenty of smiles πŸ’–

and Granny  got to meet COOPER lol so cute and little πŸ˜€

and Granpa had a hold too 

hello blog world lol 

and today Thursday we are back at our regional home and just look at that sky.....a tad threatening of storms lol 
Love out there and may your week be a good one xoxo

Auckland zoo visit
Thursday 09th of March 2017 08:06:00 PM

Hey there family and friends.....here we are at the Auckland zoo checking out the otters.....there were 4 of them but as usual by the time you take a pic they move on lol 

the tiger was up and about for 2 seconds.....so I got in quick πŸ˜‰

here is part of the tiger enclosure....there was another one asleep way off in the distance in their other enclosure....

a colorful Macaw 

nice parrot, think called peach face 

great big turtle and there were 3 of them and can just see one other on the left in background 

spider monkey as close as I could get a pic as all the others turned their backs and ran lol 

lemur enjoying the sunshine 

would you believe this is an orangutan under its little red blanket lol 
we saw it and it covered itself up πŸ‘€

Kea if you look real hard at the rock 

and this is their enclosure waterfall

pretty nice for them I guess 


2 elephants here 

and Woody found this one to ride lol 

when we have been other times there has been lots of roosters, but seem a bit reduced now....this one had a big chunk of bread in its beak and the seagulls were going crazy after it lol 

rhino who would not lift up head to show me his horn......

but this is special and new baby giraffe 


yep the best shot I could get of the lion area.....just her πŸ˜€

baby tortoises called a leopard tortoise  

the adult ones 

and love bird nesting boxes painted by a local primary school.....so colorful 

and there were plenty of happy lovebirds πŸ’“

meerkat on guard 

and a few more 

back to better view of the giraffes 

so cute seeing this little one.....her name is Kabili which means "twice" in zulu.....she had a twin who unfortunately died and they were born premature....but she is thriving πŸ‘πŸ‘

a peacock enjoying some bug eating 

and a tuatara 
Tuatara are rare, medium-sized reptiles found only in New Zealand. They are the last survivors of an order of reptiles that thrived in the age of the dinosaurs.....can live over 200 years and do know of 1 Henry still productive at 111!!!

we had a good day and got plenty of walking done......today we have just been doing a bit of appointment stuff and enjoying our last few days left here in New Zealand......

and here is the gorgeous regal "Dante'" one of my Sarah's cats.....he is relaxing in her car lol 
love this kitty very much and think he is now 13 😊 she posted to facebook so I pinched it 

and on with more knitting to relax a bit 

and also today we parked on a road where the planes fly over and I snapped this HUGE singapore plane........awesome
well may you get to all enjoy a good weekend whatever you are doing xoxoxo

Flying back to the North Island NZ
Wednesday 08th of March 2017 08:53:00 PM

Well on Monday we had a last walk around at Dunedin and here is one of many of the lovely churches 😊

and another which is now a bar......The Monkey Bar
we packed up all our stuff and were ready for a drive back to Queenstown for 1 night....

I got to see this cute shot of little baby Cooper who I will MEET next week when back home again πŸ˜‡

Paul says hello to you all again 

our kind of view from the motel unit in Queenstown and just took it easy as we were flying yesterday (Tuesday) to Auckland

The mountains called "The Remarkables" took this snap while waiting to take hire car back 

I found quite a good spot to watch planes take off and land 😊

our shadows standing on a concrete block to get a better view.....

and there goes a plane just past the tree and going past the mountain.....Dad's ashes are up there so a lovely place for him to be πŸ’œ

up up and away......

Now at the airport watching others boards their plane 

Woody excited waiting in the bag

he then sat on a table and watched planes taxi by.....made 2 men passing smile lol 

NZ644 is us 

out plane landing

ready for other passengers get off.....

now you of course are going to see lots of flying wing shots lol Woody likes this seat the best 

turning at the end of the runway.....

racing along 

up in the air passing the airport 

great view back down and we sure have had great weather 

beautiful blue water lakes below 

and blue sunny sky with snow capped mountains 😊

but oh dear, as we got close to the North Island....rain....cloud....cool lol 

wings expanding for the landing as we fly through the clouds 

seeing bits of land below once under the cloud 

winging our way over the last bit of sea 

down on the runway

brakes on and always amazing to watch.....
well....hope you liked that little flight and our trip....
still continuing for a little bit yet xoxoxoxo

Larnach castle and wildlife tour
Sunday 05th of March 2017 06:50:00 PM

Yesterday was a beautiful expected weather day so we booked ourselves with Monarch Tours info here of all their tour options and detail

we were picked up by a van and was only 3 of us going to visit Larnach Castle plenty of info here and more pics on their site

we took the high road so there was plenty of stunning views along the way 

we stopped briefly to get a snap looking back towards Dundedin

and here is Larnach Castle.....privately owned by the Barker family who have restored this over many many years and intend for it to remain open for the people of NZ πŸ˜ƒ  Actually is celebrating 50 years of renovation and holding a special ball this year 

The wonderful stairway to the front doors 

standing back for a better picture 

looking over the ballroom which was built by William Larnach for his children especially for his daughters as was costing him a fortune with them going to balls in Europe....
info here of William info and much better read than my ravings and apparently he was born in Australia in New South Wales 

huge garden and luscious lawns everywhere 

ducks sure were happy grazing lol 

beautiful flowers, stunning colours 

how about this heart seat 😍

this is inside the before mentioned ballroom.....ready for devonshire tea etc for many tourist groups coming through 

stunning chandeliers throughout and awesome timber flooring....

our guide at the top of one staircase made of Kauri wood NZ which led down to plenty of history details πŸ˜ƒ

one part of the surround balcony which when first built had no glass.....but they soon discovered how cold this would be and had double glazing put in....

amazing and plenty of wonderful views 

Black Marble fireplace surround  in the music room....

painting of the castle and surround area 

looking back towards door in music room 

dining room 

and what about this wood carved ceiling artwork!

and this mirror is a butlers mirror.....it is shaped so you can see everyone dining behind you. Funnily enough we have one of these and now know what it is lol 

drawing room for the ladies and soft kneeling at the fireplace 

more incredible hand carved wood ceiling 

a few of the windows in the foyer hand etched Venetian glass  with at the top a cat...Scottish wildcats "sans Peur' (without fear)

this is the name William gave the home, not castle

the library 

the black Chinese chair is reputed to belong to William as a gift from his days in the gold fields.....all furniture was sold off by the children and said by the Barker family 
"When we bought the castle it was virtually empty of furniture and in a very sad state of repair with many leaks in the roof. We want to thank all those people who have loaned or sold us the original pieces now displayed lovingly throughout" 

up the stairs we go

Master bedroom with bedwarmer and old style ensuite next to bed lol 

view from the bedroom windows all round 

Oh yeah and I climbed up these spiral stairs (and can say today my thighs are sore lol)

door to the stairs

but worth the life risking climb up for the views lol 

one of the bathrooms and these bathtubs weigh a TON, how on earth did they get them up here.....


again the views so neat 

and a quaint basin with a lion head as the faucet 

back to that stunning lion lined stairway

William Larnach himself....do have a good read in the info as very interesting indeed....their is a book too which I may see if I can get on his life......

closeup of fireplace in the ballroom....

we then were bused to wait here for our wildlife tour.....

and poor Woody was in my bag for the whole castle visit....whoops

anyway he was very happy to be on a boat going to see wildlife πŸ‘€

off we went 

and as luck would have it an Albatross flew behind us for a short time 😊

See that wing span....this is the Northern Royal Albatross

moving along and Paul went up the front to do some filming 

there was one penguin way over there but to hard to snap 

Steward Island Shag and Little Shag....

red billed gull and black backed gull were all here lol 

and some New Zealand fur seals, almost same colour as the rocks lol 

heading back after a fun time out 

and just above the lighthouse you can see 2 Albatross circling around 😊

yep selfie with van lol 

getting close lol 

bright coloured butterfly on this interesting plant 

and bumble bees.....we do not have in Oz and they look fat and furry 😈

statue of Robert Burns put in Dunedin by his great nephew....google it lol 

we then came back and had a very late lunch 

and found a low carb lager so enjoyed this very much 

across the road shot of town hall in Dunedin 

and Woody ready for bed last night......
well almost ready to leave here and continue on....
xoxoxoox reckon you will have enjoyed Teresa xo

Silver Fern Seaside trip at Dunedin
Saturday 04th of March 2017 09:13:00 PM

Hello again and thanks again Teresa for all your comments....and yes we are out and about lol
Yesterday (Saturday) we waited here for a train πŸ˜ƒ

This is the Silver Fern Dunedin Railway train taking us on a seaside trip....not the usual longer trek but a trip which is ok 😊 seasider info here

Woody was keen as usual πŸ˜„

and we were both happy too lol 

looking out over the water in the bay 

plenty of mountains in the distance 

Woody was more than happy with his table seat and the conductor was very impressed lol 

That steeple is on a cathedral and has a clock face built in.....story is that the priest was sick of parishioners being late to service so he had clocks installed on all four sides lol 

a cruise ship had sailed in for the day.....we did this ourselves a few years ago and a lot of fun 

Training across many little roads along the way 

lovely views but must say on the way back even better but I had already taken all these snaps πŸ˜€

sheep under a massive fern tree.....

beautiful seaside view from along the track 

we went through plenty of tunnels and this one was 1.3 kilometers 

lovely clear water and the tide was rushing back in......

our return journey.....the came along and flipped the seats around so you were facing forward again.....neat 

last snap on the train back......

we then had ourselves a much deserved late lunch of ribs/chicken and mixed vegetables βš–πŸ˜‰

then out in the arvo to see this......

and no I did not plan to climb up this street lol 

and incredibly steep it is and they put concrete instead of bitumen as in the summer that would melt and slide down the street.....eek 

and we then went up Signal hill to check out this monument......

Otago Centennial Memorial…….Signal Hill…….Francis Shurrock, Sculptor
The figures sit, Buddha-like, in windswept isolation on Signal Hill. Vulnerable to the attacks of vandals, they gaze, on our behalf, over one of the finest views of Dunedin City from any of its surrounding hills. Or they would had the artist Francis Shurrocks’s symbolic programme not required that History gaze due West, his eyes forever fixed on Swampy Summit while his female companion stares in the opposite direction, to the radio masts on the Otago Peninsula.
The sculptures were installed in 1955 and the commission completed in June 1957 when stone plaques by Shurrock were added to the cenotaph. These show the New Zealand fern, the Scottish thistle and the Otago Provincial seal.
                                                   Yes copied this as sounded better than what I could put lol 

the view 

lady sculpture 

male sculptor 

and back at our motel here is one artwork up the driveway 

and the other side.....
Well another busy time and will be back with more of todays outing xoxoxo

Now on to Dunedin in NZ
Friday 03rd of March 2017 01:09:00 AM

Well look at this cute smiling cat I found in a street of Wanaka while walking back to our Villa and got to see it a few times and very friendly so I was very happy to get my fur patting fix here lol 

nice kitty.....

we did a brief visit to this distillery and had a wee sample of gin/vodka/orange liqueur nice but a tad overpriced lol  

nice views here though and worth the drop in 

Today we hit the road for our next destination while still on the South Island of New Zealand 

Paul happily driving along lol 

We drove across this bridge near the town of Alexandra info here and crossed over the Clutha  river and interesting old constructions still there 

snapping as we cross fast......great camera

and arrived in Dunedin info here and we have been before but not stayed in this little place right near plenty of things.....a neat studio with bed as you can see...

bit of a couch now with our cases and Woody relaxing lol 

little kitchen with sink/fridge/kettle 

and bathroom with open shower.....no curtain nice and breezy lol 

there is some lovely architecture here and mini things compared to Dunedin in Scotland but hey I like.....

a church standing tall in the centre of town 

We stopped in at this place for a light lunch and light cider, very nice 

this is at the station where we checked out what train trip we could go on this time....

amazing building and Paul heading in to check the coastal trip we could do tomorrow (Saturday) 

walking back to our accommodation took a snap of a building under renovations and did love the architecture again as we did while in Europe and UK.....

a fountain no longer having the water through now 

oh and a bat or gargoyle......

this little brass figure just standing in town to enjoy 

plenty of artwork done throughout the town 

and again 

there were lions on this building holding chains in their mouths to hold up the awning roofs over the street but zoom not good enough....oh well 

and very interesting this one is lol 

and back to the accommo for the next few nights.
well now back in our room relaxing and ready for a seaside kind of trip on a train tomorrow
xoxoxoxoxoxo love to you all out there xoxo

Out and about in the Wanaka region
Monday 27th of February 2017 08:36:00 PM

Hello again.....we have called in at this coffee shop twice now and have enjoyed their plunger for 2 option with a little side of cream for me.....and shared this sugar free dark choc with almonds

right in Wanaka and walking distance from our accomodation 

there was a bit of a craft fair on Sunday 

and the mountains had a bit of cloud cover but the weather has been fantastic 

Sunday we had a bbq lunch right on the verandah of our villa 

Sunday night we went out for tea to wanaka speights ale house and no fire needed at this time of the year lol 

Paul had some lovely pork with vegies 

I had bacon wrapped chicken breast and could only eat half of the carrot/beans and hardly touched the kumera mash.....

nice bottle of red we enjoyed 

after tea we had a walk around the park area in Wanaka and too a shadow pic of us near the large hand 

shadow snap in the playground with dinosaur slide in background 

and another just because it looked so neat and tall 

and beside the creek flowing into Wanaka lake 

Wanaka lake  

the sun was almost setting over the mountain 

Yesterday (Monday) we took a drive to Queenstown which is roughly just over an hours drive away and on our way back stopped to check out the view from here....airport runway is way in the background between the river and the lake.....

selfie attempt lol 

others walking over the edge in this area 

Woody enjoyed this view too 

then we stopped at another spot to have a short walk 

and another neat shadow shot 

handy having the stairs to climb up over the fence 

looking back to Paul coming on up 

and view from here shows the airport runway but even further in the distance and the planes have to fly between these mountains.....amazing 

my crazy selfie 

and Paul relaxing last night......

Today (Tuesday) we decided on a drive out to do some walking 

plenty of rock/mountains along the way 

lake Hawea but more pics on our way back 

Woody joined us on some of the walks

stuck his feet in my pocket so he swung along as I walked lol 

nice walk 

hollowed out old tree 

the falls are in the distance 

bit of a zoom snap 

and rocks every where we walked across lol 

Paul saying hello 

and as Woody was watching a boat whizzed by.......

this one was pretty neat too 

"wow" said Woody 

zoom into the bottom 

yes another one 

and people have created lots of rock mounds all over this area 

now no Woody and no snaps of track as it was steep/rocky/no fun/scary lol 

but here is the view from the top.....

nice zoomed snow....

back down the bottom I was happy and we were both HOT lol 

much nicer walk this one 

uh oh swing type bridge 

Paul filming 

and blue the water was 

lovely blue 

and a popular spot 
back on that swing bridge which is supposed to not have more than 10 at a time but most seem to ignore.....eek.....

Lake Wanaka snap at the head end 

and looking back the other way.....

and then past Lake Hawea lake-hawea/ info 

view from the lookout sign.....

then climbed up this section for better pics 

now we are back at our Villa hungry after all that walking and touring around.....
Hope you have again enjoyed our travels which will continue on lol 

Saturday 25th of February 2017 08:00:00 PM

And here we are now at Wanaka lakewanaka info and Woody approved of our view from our bedroom.....we have been here before but not this accommodation.  

this is the front of the villa 

looking into the lounge and kitchen in background...with a toilet downstairs and also full laundry facility 

stairs up to the bedrooms 

want to come and stay with us for the week?

the bathroom between the 2 bedrooms 

main bedroom 

and again THAT view......very nice 

Woody enjoying watching the television at night 

yesterday (Saturday) we took a walk down to the town and back and followed the little creek back....a couple of silver sculptures of pelicans

ducks sitting by the creek 

very fast flowing and loud too lol 

back to the villa and decided to take a drive out and about 

one of many waterfalls we saw along a back road on the other side of Lake Wanaka 

plenty of deers in the paddock 

and a Kea, but just a photo of a photo lol these birds like to chew off wipers/mirrors etc from cars lol 

Woody did a bit of knitting last night relaxing 

and watched "Kill Bill 2"
The mobile is sure taking good pics of all the silly stuff I snap
Well on we go and are trying to relax a bit now

A night at Cromwell
Saturday 25th of February 2017 09:00:00 AM

On the road to our next nights accomodation

and these mountains on the South Island are amazing 

we stopped off the check out this river "The roaring Meg"

good spot to take pictures 

looking down the river 

looking back up and isn't the colour amazing 

Woody soon settled in at the studio room we had for the night

Paul relaxed too and Woody reckoned he needed a shave lol 

Next morning before hitting the road we checked out Lake Dunstan in Cromwell

beautiful view and snow way off in the distance on "Ben Nevis" 

This place was flooded when they built the dam and some of the buildings were saved prior  and now part of a pioneer little village 

looking down past the building which some are shops setup just like old times 

resident ducks 

one of the many ruins 

and out in the lake deep below is the bridge that once crossed here.....
one of many little churches here too 
and on we go.......xoxoxoxo

Dad visits the South Island
Friday 24th of February 2017 06:57:00 PM

Paul here, invited to take over for the following few pictures.
As many will know my father passed suddenly (but not that unexpectedly) last December requiring a rapid trip to New Zealand with my children.
Last August we planned a 3 week holiday in New Zealand, this was to be 2 weeks in the South Island based around Wanaka and a few days in the surrounding towns. This was then a week in Auckland visiting my father and doing a few fun things too.

My father’s wishes were for a simple cremation and no service, sorry to disappoint but he got a service, not for him but for his family and friends. It was simple with 3 other speakers besides myself. The cremation he did get, interestingly (and have been told sometimes it happens) there was enough ashes to fill two of the standard boxes.

There was no instructions about what to do with them and to the best of my knowledge my mother’s ashes were left with the undertaker. They are no longer in business and my attempt to contact them failed.

As far as I know my father never visited the South Island of New Zealand whereas Wendy and myself have. We know of a beautiful viewing area above Queenstown and I thought that would an ideal place for one of the boxes’ contents to be placed.

Normally the wind is quite wild at this altitude but on the day we flew into Queenstown the weather was hot, sunny and very still. The intention of just tipping them and letting them blow in the wind was changed to; make a small mound of them on an exposed corner and allow the wind and rain to blow them away later.

In two weeks time we fly back to Auckland and intend to visit again as it is an afternoon flight.

Back to Wendy. It was a beautiful day and with a view back to these "The Remarkables" it is a wonderful place to now have in our memories and something he would have loved even though he never wanted any fuss.

Flying to South Island NZ
Thursday 23rd of February 2017 11:01:00 PM

And here is the native bird Pukeko, love seeing them and in Oz they are just called Eastern Water Hen......

Paul did  a nice zoomed shot for me with my mobile 

of he or she goes.....we were watching the planes take off and land near Auckland airport and getting ready for our flight......

To the South Island and here is our plane waiting to load us all on

and here we are ready to fly off....

up up and away.....wee although rather nervous these days lol 

out over the sea 

and lovely shots looking back down at the North Island NZ 

Got to love a good wing shot 

and we got to fly over Volcano Taranaki 

and you can see the shoreline below then mountains with snow 


magnificent view for sure 

my blog so you get lots of wing shots lol 

getting closer to Queenstown but this is a shot of lake Wanaka and lake Hawea the split you can just see..... 

so many peaks of mountains and snow and ice......

Woody loved checking out the views for sure 

Still some snow/ice 

slowly getting lower for the landing 

wing expanding for landing 

mountains now higher than the plane 


and down we go......

LANDED woo hoo......love the shadow of the wing 
well hope you enjoyed all of my pics of flying I know I do lol 

More Garden work and little rest between
Saturday 18th of February 2017 02:40:00 PM

Hey there out to you all.....here is Paul still at the garden this time has almost removed that stubborn fern using spade and axe.......

looking back over to the seat all cleaned up and ready for  painting 

other angle shot nice little area to sit and plenty of tree trimming has been done.....

a tiny praying mantis 

we escaped for a little while to have lunch with a relaxing red wine....this is a neat Irish Pub called O'ryans Irish bar and good lunch specials 

he had pork ribs and coleslaw and left the curly fries alone

I had lamb cutlets with cauli and brocc 

Woody likes to escape in the car with us lol 

I completed a hat for someone and it is really thick, good for winter 

Woody helped me start knitting something else 

that seat got painted with 2 coats and then it started to POUR....

raining heaps and there is the little hot house in the back yard which is being sold 

hooking up another  hat for a special friend

and finished quick as we were stuck inside due to weather 

also some mittens on the hook 

Paul clearing out the hothouse ready for the buys to come and dismantle 

raining running down the down pipe 

busy man xo 

knitting this with tiny circular needles.....

and hothouse now gone....all clear 

and looking back to painted seat looking good with an extra coat now while there was no rain around 

mittens complete and also going to another special friend 

I have seen heaps of these cute little skinks.....Paul caught just so I could take a pic 

it was released back into this garden area as they run around in the a lot 

teeny tiny one on the wall 

another running to hide under aircon unit......
well we continue to clear out more from this house sad and happy times you just have to role with it...
love to anyone out there that reads this and thanks Teresa for all you comments xoxo 

Garden and Steam
Sunday 12th of February 2017 03:05:00 PM

Well did not really mean to start with a pic of myself but, well, here I am.....this low carb thing has sure helped as now in slimmer jeans and bought this neat little top at the warehouse here in Auckland NZ

we have had good weather which of course means I can get our clothes washed and dried same day

and lots of gardening is happening here, bin number 1

this area was filled with vines and mega weeds.....could barely walk through 

and here down the side of house was also FILLED with plants/weeds etc Paul has been doing the strong Gorilla stuff of sawing/slashing/pulling....I assist with the carrying to bin and lots of sweeping

at night still doing some hooking 

we do try to do enjoyable things for an hour or 2 like driving past this theme park and I managed to get a snap of one of the rides with everyone going upside down and they rotate and swing up and down.....

we have been here before many times but not this time 

Woody usually is in my bag and enjoys getting out of the house lol 

we had a tasty lunch out at a Chinese cafe, mini yum cha without the carbs....no rice and no won tons for us lol 

my new batman t-shirt....I now have 4 all different 

oh dear, what happened here.....got a bit close to some wood that was sticking out......

and yesterday (Sunday) we had a morning out and of course this made me very happy toot toot....

I just love the breathing of the engines....and this one left going backwards...

off they go

we jumped in the car and tried to find a road to get close to track.....

and amazingly we found a track and it led to this bridge which was right near where the train ended its first part of ride....

1912, pretty great bridge 

and Woody got to sit on the bridge to wait for the train to come on under 

you can see the train in the distance now going to be facing forward....

there it is backing up to the carriages....great spot we found for sure....

here it comes....

puff puff and Woody was very happy as was I 

back in the car and we drove alongside waving to the driver and passengers....

we got back to Glenbrook station to wait for it to come back.......

some people had fun on one of those things called Jigger 

and a selfie with engine about to pass us on the platform 

it then unhooked and came back past us to do the backward thing again.....great fun time 

and last night I made a low carb chicken/cauliflower dish....cooked chook on the bottom, with a bit of Tabasco and mayo....spring onion/capsicum scattered over and topped with Cauli rice mixed with chili cream cheese/cream/butter and tomato and cheese on top....

and a simple salad 

and this meal was delish....have other half to eat either today or tomorrow 

and now just look at this pathway.....plants/weeds gone...took this pic this morning (Monday)

and looking back from the front of the house and can now take the washing through the laundry door and walk down path to the clothesline lol 

yep bins filling fast and yep now have TWO.......
as I type this Paul is outside attacking another area with a shovel/axe/pruning saw......
well back to it and may you be having a good week where you are xoxoxo

Gardening and hello to a new member
Wednesday 08th of February 2017 09:40:00 PM

Hello again from NZ.....crochet another little hat keeps me busy at night 

still working on that sock 

and Woody has just been chilling on the table with some flowers while we get on with some cleaning up here

This is the Lounge of Dad's place and we are sorting through the house and garden too 

the room we sleep in has white Venetians and sure lets in the morning light so a temporary measure is a blanket and thick towel on window....nice and dark

and of course you know I love seeing the planes fly over this house 

Paul put up a movie screen the other night so we could check some of the old movies.....nice to see

Peek a boo from the dining/kitchen area 

Yes another plane which was today 

turned the heel on that sock earlier today 

and this is just a small sample of some weeding that has been done 

trimming in this fern till I discovered a native wasp nest eek....Paul try to trim it out and one stung him but he is ok.....sprayed them instead so now gone gone 

lots of weeds removed here and I trimmed the grapefruit tree too 

big bag of bulbs which had gone crazy everywhere 

Um yes will eventually tackle this pathway.......

and this is the skip for rubbish removal from house and now have another one just for the garden stuff filling up fast too......

I also sawed thru that big green one on the left as it was covering part of the garage entrance and Paul has ripped it up into the garden skip.....

and another beanie this time more child size, great way to use up bits 

and now introducing COOPER JAMES my new grandson, much love felt here and won't get to meet him till mid march onwards.......xoxoxo 

The little family, Lauren (Mummy) Ray (Daddy) big sister Miss April and Master Cooper 
gorgeous xoxoxo
well that's it for now and we sure have been busy what about you?

More fireworks and flying
Sunday 05th of February 2017 06:11:00 PM

Hello from NZ, but this pic is from the night we again stayed in the city and due to Chinese new year still being celebrated, we got to see more fireworks and my mobile took pretty okay pics...

again plenty of loud noises

and lighting up the sky



following morning we had our flight to NZ which was not till 8.45 am but bus picking us up at 5 am......do we look awake lol 

of course I am very happy to wait at the airport and watch the planes come and go 

waiting for our plane to be parked at the gate behind us.....

and there it is....no where near as big as the plane we caught to Europe it was MASSIVE lol 

Woody was ready wearing my headset 

and happy to be looking out over the wing 

getting refueled 

but this was interesting on the plane.....a praying mantis came in on a girls hoodie and a man helped get it off her and it ended up leaping off somewhere not far from us.....eventually it appeared on the seat in front of Paul and he had a plastic bag ready (had airline headphones in it and he had removed) with a bit of leaping  towards me he managed to bag it.....handed to air stewards before taking off.....and as it was an Oz praying mantis it was removed from the aircraft. Apparently if it had stayed on board the whole plane would have had to be sprayed to protect NZ from and Aussie pest.....so good deed done and it survived

now I will bore you with lots of wings snaps as we took off

very dry in this area of Melbourne, sure needs rain

then up above the lovely fluffy white clouds 

Oh and I always either enjoy listening to music or watching concerts and as luck had it Crowded House concert which I had already seen at home was listed so watch again I did....google them if you don't know them, their music is awesome!

and land ahoy......in the distance after flying across the sea from Oz to NZ 

see now

very pleased still with my mobile pics 

and if you enlarge this pic you will see the little theme park Rainbows End with a corkscrew rollercoaster.....the planes fly over all the time 

wings getting ready for the landing 

over the grassy area 

over the water 

much closer 

and landing 

landed.....yes so many pics but I love and we landed lol 

made this little crochet hat last night for a very soon expected small person
love to you all out there xoxo