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Happy Horses

Happy Horses

Wednesday 02nd of August 2006 10:51:00 PM
The Cohuna Trail Riding Club Inc. ride in the Gunbower forest along the Murray River.
“Horse riding activities portray our identity and keep our heritage alive as well as contribute to the national economy. Yet we are rapidly loosing tracks and trails because of government policies through pressure from conservation groups to lock up public land and deny access to horse riding and other recreational activities.
“We need to show our strength and unity”
As part of the Red Gum Timber Festival on Sunday 5th November at Koondrook, Victoria
We are organising a Heritage Trail Ride to celebrate our heritage and the contribution the horse has had in the development of Australia and our culture, something that many people have forgotten. We want to show that our cultural heritage is very much alive and we have a right to continued access to public land.

We are invitingt horse riders from far and wide to participate in the ride.
For Information Contact Audrey: happyhorseshoofcare@yahoo.com

Wednesday 02nd of August 2006 09:59:00 PM
Hello Like minded Trail Riders,
This site was created to inform other trail riders
about issues realating to horse riding activities
in the Gunbower Forest.