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The Blog Forum

The Blog Forum

Will Gold Break Through The Psychological Benchmark?
Wednesday 16th of September 2009 07:56:54 AM
 Today the gold price reached a top of $1005/oz. The last high that was reached was in March of 09 and the instance preceding that was in March 08. The gold price has been trending upwards in what seems like a continuation pattern since March with support points at $880/oz in April and $930/oz in […]

The Difference Between Gambling And Investing!
Thursday 30th of July 2009 06:38:16 AM
Readers this has been a point of contention for me for many years. At around 18 years of age when I made my first foray in to the exciting world of investing to just over a year ago, I have constantly been asked but have never been able to come to a conclusion about the […]

A New Global Currency
Wednesday 01st of July 2009 04:32:03 AM
For many weeks now in my navigation through the articles and commentaries concerning economics and international politics I have come across a trend.  A consistent call for a new currency to be adopted for the use of global trade and exchange.  It has been a call mainly from China and Russia and India as they […]

What Could Gold Do Next?
Tuesday 23rd of June 2009 08:16:01 AM
As an keen observer of the gold markets, I believe that gold prices will fall in the near to medium term.  Why is this important one may ask?  Well, one reason is gold is a good reflection of inflation which affect our lives and the prices of good and services rendered.  It is also a […]

A Brief Hiatus
Saturday 20th of June 2009 11:08:18 PM
Dear readers.  As you may know and can see, I have not penned any thoughts or observations to TBF recently.  I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  The reason for this I believe was due to a (the reason I am not to sure is because this was a few years back) change […]

Domain Change
Thursday 25th of October 2007 04:44:37 AM
Hello participants, due to certain technical difficulties I have decided to transfer the website to a diffrent host.   The eventual address could possibly be: theforumonline.com   I will keep you  posted of further developments.  Thank you.

November 24th, 2007
Monday 15th of October 2007 05:58:53 AM
Here it is participants, Prime Minister John Howard has announced the date for the next election!  I find myself actually excited about what the outcome will be.  I am sure many issues will be brought to bear in the media, ministerial promises made, all in an effort to woo public voters.  Following from our first post I would […]

On A Light Fluffy “Croissant” Note, Bonjour France!
Sunday 09th of September 2007 12:32:09 AM
Croissants are made of a leavened variant of puff pastry by layering yeast dough with butter and rolling and folding a few times in succession, then rolling. Making croissants by hand requires skill and patience; a batch of croissants can take several days to complete….. This innovation, along with the croissant’s versatility and distinctive shape, has made it […]

Who would you vote as your next Prime Minister and why?
Sunday 19th of August 2007 12:03:16 AM
Who do you think will be a better statesman for our nation?  Who will be able to lead us as a nation into a global world where China is emerging as an economic and eventually political and military superpower?  Which administration will better embody preservation of human rights and priviliges in terms of global poverty […]