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BBC News - Home

Manchester attacks: MI5 probes bomber 'warnings'
Monday 29th of May 2017 02:20:20 AM
The security service is to examine its actions after tip-offs from the public about extremist views.

British Airways flight chaos lessens after weekend of disruption
Monday 29th of May 2017 03:14:34 AM
Some short-haul flights from Heathrow continue to be disrupted by a worldwide computer failure.

Thousands of drivers caught despite mobile crackdown
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:04:33 PM
Police caught 200 drivers a day using their devices while driving in the four weeks after 1 March.

Australian man injured after shark jumps into boat
Monday 29th of May 2017 12:46:01 AM
The Australian fisherman lost "a fair amount of blood" after being hit by the 200kg (440lb) shark.

Amber Rudd to Angela Merkel: You can depend on the UK
Monday 29th of May 2017 02:19:57 AM
The home secretary wants to "reassure Mrs Merkel that we want to have a deep and special partnership".

N Korea fires Scud missile into sea, its third test in three weeks
Monday 29th of May 2017 02:54:44 AM
Pyongyang has accelerated the pace of missile testing, causing international concern.

Inside Finland's education shake-up
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:17:03 PM
Finland is rethinking how it teaches in the digital age - and is seeking to place skills, as much as subjects, at the heart of what it does.

General election 2017: Lib Dems warn over crime database access
Monday 29th of May 2017 03:06:38 AM
The Lib Dems warn the UK could be "cut off" after Brexit - the Tories say this is "nonsense".

Paul Pogba, world's most expensive footballer, visits Mecca
Sunday 28th of May 2017 06:48:43 PM
Manchester United's Paul Pogba has shared a picture of himself in Islam's holiest city.

Portland attack: $600,000 raised for 'heroes' killed defending Muslim teen
Sunday 28th of May 2017 04:03:21 PM
Tributes have continued to pour in for the men who died defending a Muslim teenager on Friday.

Jared Kushner defended by Trump amid 'secret Russia line' questions
Sunday 28th of May 2017 10:16:51 PM
Donald Trump calls his son-in-law a 'good person' after reports he sought a secret line to Moscow.

Paris mayor may ban black feminist Nyansapo festival
Sunday 28th of May 2017 04:26:10 PM
The majority of the events at the Nyansapo Festival will be open only to black women.

Man shot in front of young son was loyalist Colin Horner
Monday 29th of May 2017 01:34:35 AM
Colin Horner was killed in front of his young son in a busy supermarket car park on Sunday.

What happens when children in Kashmir draw their feelings?
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:07:23 PM
Artwork by children in the region depicts childhoods ruined by the violence of adults.

The Papers: BA 'chaos' and Manchester run defiance
Sunday 28th of May 2017 10:51:23 PM
Headlines focus on the IT failure affecting thousands of air passengers and continuing questions over the Manchester attack.

Cannes Film Festival: The Square wins Palme d'Or
Sunday 28th of May 2017 02:17:20 PM
The Palme d'Or is awarded to an art world satire starring Dominic West and Elisabeth Moss.

In pictures: Shadowing the pilgrims on Mount Koya
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:00:22 PM
Photographing the shrines along the route of a traditional Buddhist pilgrimage.

JFK at 100: 'His life was not as glamorous as you think'
Monday 15th of May 2017 06:14:08 PM
A new photo exhibit captures the dramatic rise and sudden passing of an American icon.

British Airways: Wedding postponed after guests stuck at Heathrow
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:47:00 AM
A Surrey couple postpone their Santorini ceremony as guests, including three bridesmaids, are stuck at Heathrow.

British Airways: Passengers complain about lack of information
Sunday 28th of May 2017 08:12:17 AM
Passengers stranded at Heathrow airport say that they are being kept in the dark by the airline, as disruptions continue.

Meet the tree-climbing goats of Morocco
Sunday 28th of May 2017 03:42:54 AM
Find out how the tree-climbing skills of these goats in Morocco help them, the plants and the local people.

Are these the world's most unusual jobs?
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:02:18 AM
An emoji translator and a wedding hashtag creator. BBC Minute speaks to five people with jobs you probably never knew existed.

Victoria Derbyshire
Friday 17th of February 2017 02:41:12 AM
BBC coverage of latest developments

The women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam
Sunday 28th of May 2017 04:50:36 PM
The women accused of killing Kim Jong-nam could face the death penalty, but who are they?

Could subjects soon be a thing of the past in Finland?
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:17:46 PM
Finland is an education success story, so is it right to move away from old-style lessons?

Taking a break? The £1.7bn career gap
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:09:28 PM
More than half of women going back to work after a career break go into lower paid roles. Are "returnships" the answer?

How the lift transformed the shape of our cities
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:11:21 PM
Why is this highly successful mass transit system so underrated?

The city in Pakistan that loves a British hairstyle
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:28:25 PM
When BBC correspondent Secunder Kermani wanted a haircut in Pakistan he decided to head for the city known as Little England.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too
Sunday 28th of May 2017 06:03:35 PM
It is 30 years since the low-budget comedy Rita, Sue and Bob Too was released, angering many people in Bradford. How is the film seen today?

Great Manchester Run: 'I'm running for the city'
Sunday 28th of May 2017 11:20:33 AM
Armed police were everywhere, but runners put their nerves aside in yet another example of Mancunian defiance.

Five questions for BA over IT crash
Sunday 28th of May 2017 06:06:59 AM
Failure saw most services cancelled from Heathrow and Gatwick, with disruption set to continue through Bank Holiday.

Don't look back in anger: Music helps Manchester remember, and forget
Saturday 27th of May 2017 08:07:58 PM
The Courteeners play an emotional gig for 50,000 people, five days after the bomb attack.

Lewis Hamilton says Sebastian Vettel is Ferrari's number one
Sunday 28th of May 2017 11:30:21 AM
Lewis Hamilton says he is convinced Ferrari have designated Sebastian Vettel as their number one driver.

Championship play-off final: How Huddersfield & Reading reached the £170m game
Sunday 28th of May 2017 02:54:32 AM
How did Huddersfield Town and Reading go from Championship also-rans to play-off finalists in 12 months?

Indy 500: Fernando Alonso retires after brilliant debut race as Takuma Sato wins
Sunday 28th of May 2017 02:20:15 PM
Fernando Alonso's bid to win the Indy 500 at his first attempt ends with an apparent Honda engine failure as Takuma Sato takes victory.

Ederson Moraes: Manchester City close to signing Brazilian goalkeeper from Benfica
Monday 29th of May 2017 02:21:10 AM
Manchester City are close to signing Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson Moraes from Portuguese champions Benfica.

SKA-Khabarovsk reach Russian Premier League: An 11,000-mile round trip for a league game
Sunday 28th of May 2017 10:19:17 AM
A team from near the Chinese border - more than 5,000 miles from Moscow - are promoted to the Russian Premier League.

General Election 2017: The parties' proposals on childcare
Sunday 28th of May 2017 06:29:45 PM
What are the political parties' pledges on childcare for working parents with pre-school children?

Election 2017: Can these simple quizzes help confused voters make up their minds?
Sunday 28th of May 2017 06:30:26 PM
Confused about how vote? Political quizzes claim they can provide the answer.

Who is Leanne Wood? A profile of the Plaid Cymru leader
Sunday 28th of May 2017 06:31:06 PM
Profiling the Plaid Cymru leader who came of age politically during the 1980s miners' strikes.

General election 2017: Extra programmes with political leaders
Sunday 28th of May 2017 08:28:39 AM
A guide to the additional programmes and debates for the general election campaign.

Election 2017 poll tracker: How the parties compare
Saturday 27th of May 2017 04:40:14 PM
Who is on course to win the 2017 general election? Use our tracker to see the latest analysis.

What impact have employment tribunal fees had?
Sunday 28th of May 2017 05:26:29 AM
Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP have called for employment tribunal fees to be scrapped.

Profile: Green Party co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley
Saturday 27th of May 2017 05:04:56 PM
Looking at Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, the people at the head of the Green Party.

General election 2017: Osborne: Tory plans badly thought through
Saturday 27th of May 2017 10:20:58 AM
Former Chancellor George Osborne criticises manifesto commitments on social care and immigration.

Does military intervention increase the terror threat?
Friday 26th of May 2017 11:28:55 AM
Is there a connection between UK military interventions and terror attacks?

Nick Clegg: Tory school meal plans 'hit children's health'
Saturday 27th of May 2017 06:47:52 AM
Nick Clegg says children will not get free fruit and vegetables under Tory plans for English schools.

Reality Check: What has happened to police numbers?
Friday 26th of May 2017 09:36:09 AM
What has happened to police numbers and counter-terrorism funding?

Who is Nicola Sturgeon? A profile of the SNP leader
Thursday 25th of May 2017 06:52:33 PM
As she leads the SNP into a fourth election in under three years, BBC Scotland examines the rise of Nicola Sturgeon.

General election 2017: Workers' rights v robo jobs - a quandary for all campaigns
Thursday 25th of May 2017 11:54:55 PM
Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on jobs - so are the parties still committed to it?

General election: What you need to know
Wednesday 24th of May 2017 12:28:35 PM
The UK will have a general election on 8 June. Here's what you need to know.

Reality Check: How would UKIP fund greater NHS spending?
Thursday 25th of May 2017 11:18:47 AM
UKIP says it will cut the budget for overseas aid in order to provide more cash for the NHS.

Manifestos - our guide to their hand-on-heart pledges
Thursday 25th of May 2017 05:41:57 AM
Issue by issue, what the parties are pledging, presented in easy-to-scan bullet points.

Who is Paul Nuttall? A profile of the UKIP leader
Wednesday 24th of May 2017 06:46:46 PM
A profile of Paul Nuttall, leader of the UK Independence Party.

General election 2017: BBC Election Bot
Saturday 06th of May 2017 07:42:14 AM
Keep up to date with latest news from the UK's general election.

General election: Why 7.5m people can't vote for a woman
Tuesday 23rd of May 2017 06:38:57 PM
More than 100 constituencies across the UK have no female candidates standing, BBC research says.

General election 2017: Sweet shop in Warwick predicts results
Tuesday 23rd of May 2017 05:49:26 PM
Its owner claims his customers helped him correctly call Brexit and the 2015 election result.

The Scottish voters at the heart of a Tory-SNP battle
Monday 22nd of May 2017 08:08:58 PM
If the Conservatives are to pick up seats in Scotland, they will want to start on the Scottish borders.

Election 2017: What jobs do UK workers actually do?
Monday 22nd of May 2017 05:27:59 PM
Who are the 'hard-working' and 'ordinary' people that politicians love to appeal to?

Reality Check: What would wiping student debt cost?
Monday 22nd of May 2017 07:35:50 AM
The Green Party has pledged to write off all existing debt as well as scrapping tuition fees.

Seumas v Lynton: The power behind the thrones?
Sunday 21st of May 2017 07:00:04 PM
The leaders of the parties are well-known - but who's advising them?

Election 2017: Places with the lowest voter registration
Monday 22nd of May 2017 07:51:16 AM
Areas of London, Birmingham and Leeds have the highest proportions of adults not registered to vote.