W3C News

First Public Working Draft: XR Accessibility User Requirements
First Public Working Drafts: Resize Observer; CSS Scroll Anchoring Module Level 1
Trace Context is a W3C Recommendation
W3C Workshop Report: Inclusive Design for Immersive Web Standards
For Wide Review: Personalization Semantics Content Module 1.0
Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) version 2 is a W3C Recommendation
First Public Working Drafts: Media Capabilities, Picture-in-Picture, Media Session Standard
Call for Review: Web of Things Architecture and Thing Description are W3C Proposed Recommendations
First Public Working Draft: Requirements for Personalization Semantics
Updated Candidate Recommendation: Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2) (2nd Edition)
WCAG-EM Report Tool: Accessibility Evaluation Report Generator is Updated
Updated Candidate Recommendation: Identifiers for WebRTC’s Statistics API
Postponed: W3C Workshop on Web & Machine Learning
W3C Advisory Committee Elects Technical Architecture Group
First Public Working Draft: Web Share API
Happy holidays from the World Wide Web Consortium!
Updated Candidate Recommendation for the Web Real-Time Communication 1.0 API
W3C Invites Implementations of the Sensor APIs
W3C Invites Implementations of JSON-LD 1.1
First Public Working Draft: Pointer Events Level 3
Authorized Translation of WCAG 2.1 in Danish
W3C Recommends CSS Writing Modes to support International writing modes
W3C Recommends WebAssembly to push the limits for speed, efficiency and responsiveness
W3C Invites Implementations of Publication Manifest and Audiobooks
W3Cx Introduction to Web Accessibility – New Online Course